Emotions Motivate Saving for Retirement

Emotions Motivate Saving for Retirement

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Emotions may be the key to saving for retirement.


A number of Americans are still behind on retirement savings. However, a recent survey shows that a significant number of “successful savers” are confident they will achieve their life goals in retirement with emotions motivating them.


Emotional factors and desires play a key role in planning for life goals. In fact, most respondents to the survey indicated they want to enjoy life, feel financially secure and have peace of mind in their retirement. (1)


And although they care about the future for their children and grandchildren, older baby boomers are not looking to leave all of their money behind. Instead, they want to live comfortably in retirement.


Check out the infographic below to see what emotions motivate saving for retirement.


You can also download the infographic here.


Emotions Motivate Saving for Retirement


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