Plan Participants

Managing your investments for retirement can be a time consuming and, sometimes, confusing process. It takes knowledge, tools, and effort to appreciate your goals and evaluate the choices available to you to meet them. Many people do not start early enough, contribute enough, or diversify enough to create the savings they will need in retirement. Many don’t know how much money will be needed in order to retire or how many years of savings it will take to get there.

Making regular contributions to your 401(k) account is an important first step in preparing for retirement. Making smart decisions on how these assets are invested is just as important. To support that goal, your company may select ProNvest, an objective, independent retirement planning firm, to provide 401(k) participants with retirement education, investment recommendations, and professional account management.

ProNvest provides clear, unbiased professional guidance, and simple online planning tools along with assistance from our Retirement Counselors to get you on the right track for retirement.

What Does ProNvest Provide?
ProNvest specializes in professional management of your retirement account.

To help reach your savings goal, ProNvest creates a goal-based retirement investment solution for each participant who uses our service.

ProNvest customizes an investment plan for you based on information you provide to us by completing our questionnaire called The ProNvest Retirement Planner. The Retirement Planner can be completed either by speaking to a ProNvest retirement counselor or by going to our Website. We consider information you provide, such as age, current income and current savings. We will also include savings that you and your spouse have outside of your company’s retirement plan if you wish to provide this information.

ProNvest retirement counselors will help you understand how much money you should save and outline how many years of savings you will need to contribute in order to reach your retirement savings goals. To help maximize your savings, your account is reviewed on a regular basis (usually quarterly). Modifications may be made to your account, due to current market conditions, in order to keep on track with your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Why have someone else manage your account?
Saving for retirement by investing in your company’s retirement plan is a good start, but it requires a great deal of time and effort to get the same results as a dedicated professional. ProNvest has the staff and services to help you reach your goals.

Why ProNvest?
Choosing the best investments for your retirement is not easy … but very important. An extra percentage point or two of growth each year can potentially lead to significant increases in assets at retirement. Using our service is a proactive step toward a financially secure retirement. You can get started today.

How does ProNvest work?
Your ProNvest account provides you access to:
  • Professional account management
    You may enroll in ProNvest’s program to manage your retirement savings. ProNvest will adjust your account typically every quarter. ProNvest may also make adjustments to your account as the market changes. Also, if you choose to provide information about other investments that you or your spouse have, ProNvest will include them when customizing your retirement plan.
  • Personal service
    You will have access to a retirement counselor that is dedicated to assisting you with any questions you may have concerning your retirement needs.
  • Retirement planning tools and education
    Our online planning tools and financial education center help you better understand retirement planning and enable you to do your own research.
How do I get started?
Getting started is easy. From your retirement plan provider’s website, select the Advice/Education area or direct link to your ProNvest account. If you have difficulty accessing your account or have any questions about our retirement tools and services, please contact us toll-free at 866-738-5125 or by e-mail at