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  • Why ProNvest?1We take the heavy lifting out of managing your retirement account by analyzing your account and ensuring your money is allocated properly.
  • How does it work?1Our initial retirement review and advisory services are complimentary. This includes access to our retirement counselors and a full analysis of where you stand today in planning for retirement.

    If you sign up to have ProNvest manage your account, you will receive active account management, professional investment research, counseling and advice that is typically reserved for larger institutional investors. With our management services, we research the mutual funds available through your retirement plan and invest in a portfolio appropriate for your age within the strategy you select. We do the ongoing research of those mutual funds and make any changes needed to the portfolio, including adjustments for plan fund lineup changes and regular rebalancing.
  • Am I rolling over or moving any money to ProNvest?1No. You do not move your money to ProNvest. We manage and advise your retirement assets, but they are not held with ProNvest. If you terminate your services with us for any reason, your money remains in the same place.
  • What are your fees and how do I pay?1We charge a basis point management fee that’s calculated based on your plan and deducted from your retirement account on a quarterly basis (so it won’t affect your take-home pay).
  • Can I accomplish the same investment results on my own?1There are always opportunities for success on your own, but it could take a lot of time and discipline to achieve your retirement goals. ProNvest has the staff, services and technology to help you reach your retirement goals by focusing on investing so you don’t have to.
  • Once I sign up, can I still monitor my account or make changes to my strategy?1You can access your retirement account at any time through our dashboard, where you can adjust your investment strategy and track how you're performing to your goal. You'll be able to see exactly how your money is allocated within the funds that are available to you through your retirement plan.
  • How often is my account rebalanced?1Accounts are typically adjusted every quarter. ProNvest may also make adjustments to your account to reflect market conditions or portfolio fund changes and will notify you when these situations occur via your email, if provided, or mailed to you by post.

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