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  1. The ProNvest managed account program helps advisors generate revenue in two main ways:
  2. 1Identify outside assetsThrough our gap analysis process, we are identifying 1 to 5 times the outside assets for every dollar of participant assets.
  3. 2Private wealth clientsGenerate income by offering our direct solution, Future Capital™ for your wealth clients’ current 401(k) account (no recordkeeping or employer relationship required).

Identify held-away assets.

  • Take a look at the following example of how ProNvest can help you identify outside assets through the use of our account management solution.
  • Case Study 11An advisor sells a retirement plan with 50 participants, totaling $5 million in assets. With so many employees to meet, they don't have the time to set up the individual consultations that would give them the ability to identify the assets that they are actually able to manage and generate revenue from. ProNvest provides the tools to do so in an automated fashion. Assuming 52.5% participant adoption, and 53.4% of the plans assets managed by ProNvest, we would be able to identify around $2.9 million in held-away assets that represent an impressive amount of warm leads for the advisor.

Unlock personalized advice at scale.

  • By utilizing Future Capital™, our non-integrated solution, advisors can take advantage of the opposite scenario to the one presented above. Here's an example:
  • Case Study 21An advisor with a book of private wealth clients is looking to monetize defined contribution assets, which in many cases represents the most significant investment in the average person's life. Using Future Capital, that advisor is able to refer their client to an automated management solution, and gets a revenue share if the client signs up for management services. This can also help the advisor with client retention, as they are now able to manage more accounts for their clients!

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