Investment management process

We’ve been helping everyday people manage their investments for the past 20 years. In that time, we've developed a sound process to help our clients build secure financial futures.

  • Invest smarter1Traditionally, access to industry-leading financial advisory services has been restricted to wealthy investors. We use technology to integrate directly with those institutions, allowing us to apply the same modeling and analysis to your retirement account, regardless of your balance.
  • Planning and analysis1We start by analyzing your 401(k) or other retirement accounts, identifying how much money you’ll need for for a comfortable retirement and how to get there. From there, you can dial in your risk level, and we’ll build you a custom diversified portfolio out of the funds available to you within your retirement plan.
  • Ongoing support1We use the same state-of-the-art financial modeling that built your portfolio to rebalance it at least quarterly, making sure your money’s always being put to work properly. We make it our goal to be there for our customers for life.
  • Retirement counseling1If you have any questions about the market, or need help building a solid long-term investing strategy, you can reach out to our team of dedicated retirement counselors.